Through Atheist Eyes (Vol. 4: Omnium – Gatherum)



What is Atheism, and what are its logical and philosophical foundations? How does it relate to Humanism? Is religiosity a mental disorder, and why is it so hard to cure? Is there such a thing as free will? Do Atheists have funerals? Was The Amityville Horror really a true story? Who was Madalyn Murray O’Hair? Are we being inundated by a flood of religious disinformation? In addition to answers to these and other questions, readers of this fourth volume of THROUGH ATHEIST EYES will find a lot of humorous material as well?including the often hilarious Fun-With-Dial-an-Atheist pieces that have been recalled from the brink of oblivion and are being presented for one last performance. In addition, readers will find both words and music scores for the outrageous Dial-an-Atheist songs “Rutabaga Baby” and “Theophagy Tango.” To balance all that levity, this volume ends with “Poems I Have Spared” ?a swansong of sorts to prepare readers for the autobiographical Volume V: Atheist At Large.

About the Author

Frank R. Zindler has been an atheist activist since 1959 when he began publicly to defend the teaching of evolution and to criticize religious encroachments upon the public sphere. A professor of biology and geology at SUNY for almost twenty years, he was forced to give up teaching when he joined Madalyn Murray O’Hair in a lawsuit that attempted to remove ?In God We Trust?; from American currency.

A linguist and editor of scientific literature, he is a former member of The Jesus Seminar and the current Jesus Project and is the author of The Jesus the Jews Never Knew. He is a veteran of more than 400 commercial radio and TV interviews and debates in defense of atheism.


Publisher:?American Atheist Press
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