Women, Food and Sex in History, Vol. 3



Soledad de Montalvo is outrageous. She is opinionated. She says what she thinks. She tells the whole religious world to go to hell. In a wham-bam, thank-you-monsieur manner, this resident of Switzerland cuts through world history, with all its bunkum, as only an intellectually free woman can.

She strips away the fantasy world of historical writing and gets down to the nitty-gritty of women, food, and sex the basis of all human communities, the underlying untold, driving forces of history.

Religion has thrived on sexual control, sexual suppression, sexual so why not come out with it all? Why beat around the perversions bush: the king died of syphilis, venereal disease swept the continent, male and female whoredom maxed out, sodomy and bestiality paled before the sexual use of children, the male penis was worshipped ? was god before everything else.


Publisher: American Atheist Press
Page Count: 319

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