The X-Rated Bible



“Everything you wanted to know about the holiness-horniness nexus, but they wouldn’t tell you.”? George Carlin

Found in nearly every home, within the reach of underage children, is a book plump with scenes normally confined to sin-bins marked ?Adults Only.? We?re talking about the Holy Bible, a book filled with incest, rape, adultery, prostitution, drugs, bestiality, castration?all the nasty stuff!

About the Author

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ben Edward Akerley was raised as a Methodist but converted to Seventh-Day-Adventism at age sixteen with such fervor that he planned to become a missionary for that faith. However, during his theological studies he soon arrived at Clarence Darrow?s conclusion that ?doubt is the beginning of wisdom? and entered the rarefied realm of the freethinker. He earned a BA from UCLA and an MA from California State LA in both music education and language teaching.

As a longtime gay activist, he has been particularly interested in the effect of religion on sexual mores and behavior and feels that the most convincing argument for atheism is sex, the most direct link between humankind and the animal kingdom.


Publisher:?American Atheist Press
Page Count: 428

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