American Atheists advocates for science- and reason-based public policy and defends the absolute separation of religion and government. Since 1963, we have fought for equality under the law for all Americans, regardless of religion, and an end to the promotion of religious dogma in our nation’s laws.

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American Atheists envisions a world in which public policy is made using the best evidence we have rather than religious dogma and where religious beliefs are no longer seen as an excuse for bigotry or cause to receive special treatment from the government. We fight for religious equality for all Americans by protecting what Thomas Jefferson called the “wall of separation” between state and church created by the First Amendment.

We strive to create an environment where atheism and atheists are accepted as members of our nation’s communities and where casual bigotry against our community is seen as abhorrent and unacceptable. We promote understanding of atheists through education, outreach, and community building and work to end the stigma associated with being an atheist in America.

American Atheists relies on the generosity of our members and supporters to protect the separation of religion from government and advocate for reason-based public policy. We need your help today.

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Thanks in part to the work of American Atheists, the number of atheists in the United States continues to grow and attitudes toward atheists are shifting. However, misconceptions about atheists still exist and members of our community still face discrimination at home, work, and school. Help us continue to elevate atheists and educate the public about atheism by making a tax-deductible gift today.

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Atheists: The Trump Administration is Undermining Religious Equality

Washington DC—American Atheists led a coalition of atheist and secular groups in raising serious concerns about how the Trump administration has eroded religious equality, undermining the civil rights of all…

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American Atheists pushes for Protecting Vulnerable Adults from Conversion Therapy in DC

Washington, DC—American Atheists, on behalf of its constituents in the District of Columbia, provided testimony supporting B22-0972, a measure that would extend the current protections against conversion therapy to vulnerable…

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American Atheists Speaks out against Female Genital Mutilation in Ohio

Columbus, OH—American Atheists, on behalf of its more than 1,200 constituents in Ohio, provided testimony supporting SB 214, a bill that would protect women and girls in Ohio from harmful…

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American Atheist Holiday Banner Makes History in Iowa

Des Moines, IA—American Atheists’ holiday banner is making history today with the first explicitly atheist holiday display in the Iowa State Capitol.

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