Atheist Groups Urge Senate to Reject Discriminatory Adoption Provision in Appropriations Bill

Washington, DC—In a letter to the chairman and vice chairman of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, a coalition of six national atheist, humanist, and secular groups urged the Senate to oppose a discriminatory amendment to the House Labor, Health, and Human Services Appropriations bill that would put the health and…...

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Oklahomans: Tell Your State Reps You Oppose Religious Discrimination in Foster Care

Oklahoma City, OK—The Oklahoma State Legislature is considering new religious exceptions (SB 1140) that would allow adoption and foster care placement agencies that receive state funding to discriminate against potential foster and adoptive parents based upon their religious beliefs. For example, this bill would allow adoption and foster care placement…...

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American Atheists Submits Testimony Urging Iowa Legislators to Reject Discriminatory Campus Bill

Des Moines, IA—American Atheists has submitted testimony on behalf of its Iowa constituents opposing Iowa’s SF 2344, the so-called “Campus Free Speech Act,” a proposal that would gut anti-discrimination protections on Iowa’ public college and university campuses. The bill would require the funding of campus clubs and organizations that discriminate…...

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