Faith healing

Washington Residents: Protect Children from Faith-Based Medical Neglect!

Under current law, Washington State fails to completely protect children from medical neglect. Because of religious exemption loopholes, parents and caretakers can get away with providing only prayer instead of necessary medical care to children....

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Atheists: End Faith Healing Exemptions in Washington State

Updated: 2/20/2019 Olympia, Washington—American Atheists, on behalf of its nearly 1,500 constituents in Washington, submitted testimony supporting HB 1376 and SB 5749. These bills would protect children by allowing the government to prevent and prosecute medical neglect....

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ACTION ALERT: Protect Children from Dangerous Faith Healing

Although Washington State has laws protecting children from medical neglect, certain loopholes exempt faith-healing practitioners from prosecution for child negligence and criminal mistreatment....

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