Mississippi Plaintiff

Derenda Hancock

“I object to being forced to ‘advertise’ for a deity that I do not believe in, that doesn’t exist. Others’ religion should not dictate my life in any form or fashion. And to have the state insist that I display a religious implement on my vehicles is a violation of…...

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Kim Gibson

“I take issue with ‘In God We Trust’ because I do not trust in any god; I am not part of that ‘we.’ I object to having a false statement, especially one that is theocratic, on my vehicle. I shouldn’t have to pay extra to the state of Mississippi for…...

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Jason Griggs

“Wherever I use my trailer, I am forced to profess a religious idea that I do not believe in. Imagine a Christian having to drive around with ‘In No God We Trust’ or ‘In Allah We Trust.’”...

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