Action Alert

Illinois: Stand Up Against State-Funded Religious Schools

Springfield, IL—Last September, Illinois lawmakers passed a voucher-like tax credit system, which provides a handout to private schools, but only if they meet state educational standards. Now, the Illinois House of Representatives is considering HB 5067, a bill which would eliminate all educational standards and requirements for religious schools, even…...

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Oklahomans: Tell Your State Reps You Oppose Religious Discrimination in Foster Care

Oklahoma City, OK—The Oklahoma State Legislature is considering new religious exceptions (SB 1140) that would allow adoption and foster care placement agencies that receive state funding to discriminate against potential foster and adoptive parents based upon their religious beliefs. For example, this bill would allow adoption and foster care placement…...

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Washington: Help Us Close Religious Loopholes in Child Welfare Laws

It’s hard to believe, but Washington state currently exempts Christian Scientists from child negligence laws that require children in the state to be provided adequate medical care. These exceptions endanger children and shield faith healers from liability for letting children die. We simply cannot let this continue. Fortunately, lawmakers in…...

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