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Don’t Forget the Atheists When Tragedy Strikes

By: Ed Buckner and Amanda Knief During the past five days, a nation has struggled to deal with the loss and grief of 20 children and six adults—all gunned down for unknown reasons. American Atheists recognizes that many in this country will turn to their Christian beliefs and leaders for…...

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Feeling Thankful in a Godless World

Intransitive Gratitude: Feeling Thankful in a Godless World A Special Thanksgiving post by Greta Christina If you don’t believe in God, what does gratitude mean? I don’t mean specific gratitude towards specific people for specific benevolent acts. I mean that more broad, general, sweeping sense of gratitude: gratitude for things…...

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Voice of Our Veterans

Veterans Day. This day is set aside each year to honor the brave men and women who serve to protect the freedom that we enjoy. The thanks that we offer never seems to be enough compared to the great sacrifices they have made. This Veterans’ Day, as we honor those…...

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