Public Policy

American Atheists Supports D.C. Marriage Equality Rally

Many of our friends and colleages in the secular movement are attending the rally at the Supreme Court today showing their support for marriage equality. American Atheists fights for the complete separation of religion and government. Opposing marriage equality is one very high-profile example of religious people justifying bigotry by…...

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Mississippi governor signs school prayer bill

Last Thursday, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed HB 638, a bill requiring public schools to develop policies allowing students to pray over school intercoms, at assemblies, and at sporting events. “This is an overt act of hostility against minority religious beliefs and atheists, disguised as religious freedom,” said David Silverman,…...

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Virginia Public Offical Calls Atheists Terrorists

In a Washington Times article Loudoun County Supervisor Ken Reid calls Atheists “terrorists.” He shared the following comment with Washington Post reporter, Shivan Sarna. “[This is] another example of putting fingers in eyes of shoppers and businesses and trying to make a mockery of Christmas holidays — that’s what they’re really about.…...

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